Favorite Kallio cafés of the week

New favorite - vegan foodie's paradise: Roots Helsinki cafe (Vaasankatu 14). 

There is a huge trend of going vegan now in Helsinki. Even though I'll probably never be strict enough, I've given the diet a try, too. The good side – vegan food is yummy. The bad side? Only my financial situation. Well, that only makes a difference when trying to cook vegan at home. When you're just starting out it seems that all of those soy steaks are damn expensive, but I guess that's because I'm using too many ready-cooked products. As soon as I'll find the real chef in me and actually learn how to cook that will all change!

When eating out, the prices are of course the same as for non-vegan food. Last week I stumbled upon the cutest little café, that serves food and coffee, but is also a yoga studio. It's situated right where there used to be one of my favorite places, the Made in Kallio café. I think I've been subconsiously boycotting the replacement since I was so sad about Made in Kallio's disappearence. However, last week I visited Roots Helsinki café for the first time and looooved it. 

Roots café Kallio

It's on Vaasankatu, so a bit of an edgy street – you'll pass by some sex shops and local junkies no doubt. However, they are nowhere near dangerous. Even if a bit rough around the edges, Vaasankatu has some of the nicest restaurants and pubs in the Kallio area. 

It was the first day of my vegan experiment, and I grunted a bit in disappointment when I saw my vegan burger. A bit plain-looking, yes. But I soon had to change my opinion: that was one fine, tasty burger! Also, while having your lunch or cup of coffee, you can see all those healthy-looking yoga girls walking around with their glowing skin and cute yoga mats. Almost makes you feel like you're getting healthier by the minute, too. 

Vegan burger Roots café
Roots café Helsinki

My all-time favorite Good life coffee (Kolmas linja 17) : 'Avoid bad life' 

Good life coffee Helsinki
Good life coffee Finland

GLC is very Scandinavian with simple decor, excellent pastries and their own coffee roastery. The baristas play rap on the stereos and are always ready to tell you about the wonderful world of coffee. The place is filled with natural light coming through the big window. 

The best thing about my old friend Good life coffee is the feeling of always being welcome. There are some tables for two or four, but also a bigger communal table, where you can feel the spirit of community. There will be someone reading a book there, another working with a laptop, two girls gossiping and of course under the table there you can see the latte fox – the cutest little dog that belongs to one of the employees.

Good life coffee café Kallio

Given that the employee I'm refering to has been my very best friend since kindergarten, I may not be completely impartial in this judgement. But GLC never lets me down with its chill atmosphere and great coffee.