Annika's flight got canceled, so she was stuck in Helsinki for a day. She was gonna travel to Tokyo later in the evening, but was sure to make the best out the situation – a day in snowy Helsinki. 

So what does the millenial girl do? She sent a message to Jodel asking if anyone would be interested in showing her around for a few hours. We toured the main sights in a brisk -7 Celsius weather.


As you may know, the main historical sights are quite close to each other in central Helsinki. We managed to see Helsinki Cathedral (Tuomiokirkko), Temppeliaukio Church (a.k.a. the Rock Church), Uspenski Cathedral, Sibelius Monument and lots more, in just a few hours. 

While sightseeing, Annika told me about her impromptu trip-to-be to Japan – and the love story that was waiting for here there.

There’s a lot of flying to our story.

We met about five months ago. It was a test for an airline on how fast they could get people out of the airplane in case there was an emergency. We were both hired to be the ‘test travellers’. We had to jump down those big slides and open the emergency exit doors of the plane together. It was amazing! There was also a lot of waiting around so we got to talking... and that was it.

A few weeks later I had a holiday planned for the States, but at the last minute I canceled. I booked flights to Egypt with him instead.

Now he’s in Tokyo. He’s really into planes, actually, he was so excited to fly aboard this specific model. When he asked if I’d like to join I thought: why not. It was Tuesday – I booked the ticket on Wednesday and on Thursday I was already on a plane.

I guess we’re very spontaneous people.


By the way, there was an event going on in the Senate Square, right next to the main cathedral. The Finnish army was celebrating its 100 years of independent field artillery. There were lots of traditional artillery pieces to see there, and of course these majestic horses. 

And in case you were wondering, the horses with their white fabrics are not Ku Klux Klan members or anything else sinister. The horses were used in the Finnish wars in the 40's to carry equipment and also to bring the deceased back home from the battlefields. Since there's plenty of snow here, the white camouflage makes them less visible. 

Our meet-up place: the wonderful Johan & Nyström café, Kanavaranta 7 C.